Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans
Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans
Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans
Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans
Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans
Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India-Ayurmeans

Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack | Made in India

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The Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack consists of:

SUPER MASK W95+ Face Mask, SAAR Hand Sanitizer, Turmeric + Lemon Herbal Soaps & Camphora Nasal Oil

SUPER MASK W95+ Face Mask

SUPER MASK W95+ Face Mask is a reusable outdoor respirator, which comes with enhanced protection, comfort, and an upgraded design. Powered by the Wildcraft Proprietary Cartridge and engineered with a 6-layered triple filtration system, SUPERMASK™ W95+ is your perfect outdoor companion. This outdoor respirator is reusable for up to 30 gentle hand washes.

SAAR Hand Sanitizer

SAAR Hand Sanitizer is made up of 70% isopropyl alcohol and propylene glycol. These ingredients dissolve the outer wall of germs by breaking the peptide bonds. This stops any further growth of the germs and makes them completely inactive.

Turmeric & Lemon Herbal Soap

Turmeric & Lemon Herbal Soap Combo is a combination pack of homemade and purely herbal soaps that are completely handmade. Each of these herbal soaps has a Total Fatty Matter (TFM) of 72%.

Camphora Nasal Oil

Camphora Nasal Oil is a combination of cold-pressed coconut oil and steam distilled essential oil of camphor leaves. It is a diluted oil.


Carefully designed for all weather conditions keeping breathability and comfort in mind, SUPERMASK™ W95+ reusable outdoor respirator keeps you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter, and smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires, etc. SUPERMASK W95+ comes with a Flexi-fit neck strap for easy handling and long-hour wearing comfort.

SAAR Hand Sanitizer is useful to maintain hand hygiene by preventing diseases caused by germs and controlling their spread. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer is useful in preventing the spread of virus due to its antimicrobial properties. SAAR Hand Sanitizer is free from harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for use.

Turmeric & Lemon Herbal Soaps are ideal for the family. They are free from animal fat and chemicals. They are purely handmade and machine-process free.

Camphora Nasal Oil is a nasal application oil that can save you from virus-bacteria causing infections through its unique natural effective action of being antiviral-fumigant and antibiotic. It also has other biological properties such as being insecticidal, anti-tussive, etc.


  • The Safety Essentials Basic Combo Pack provides you protection from a current virus while you are outdoors as well as indoors.
  • This combo pack will provide you protection from harmful germs, pollutants, and dust.
  • The constituents of this combo pack are free from harmful chemicals.
  • This combo pack is easy to use and easy to carry.

How to use

  • SUPERMASK W95+ Face Mask – (1) Hold the ear strings by your hands and face the concave side. (2) Pull the strings over your ears, cover your nose, mouth, and chin with the mask properly. (3) Adjust the bendable `nose clip’ to avoid leakage and to ensure the perfect fit. (4) The inner layer should be pushed in to make the concave shape; it should not be pulled out.
  • SAAR Hand Sanitizer – For complete prevention, take a few drops of SAAR Hand Sanitizer on your palm and rub it on your fingers, between them, the back of your hands, and the area under your fingernails for around 20 seconds.
  • Turmeric & Lemon Herbal Soaps – Rub the soap on the front and back of your hands, between your fingers and on your fingernails, and wash your hands with water for at least 1 minute.
  • Camphora Nasal Oil – Apply the oil with your index fingers gently in the inner walls of the nasal passage when you step outdoors. You can also take in steam after applying the oil when you are indoors. In the case of children, apply 1 to 2 drops on cloths near the neck and sleeves instead of directly applying in the nasal airways.


We can ship to all over India. We primarily work in Maharashtra, UP, and Bihar for home delivery.

Manufacturer Details

SAAR Biotech, Wildcraft, Khadigramam, Aadhunik Ayurveda, India


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