Tea time is always a pleasant break and a sweet moment with your friends and family. We bring you more reasons to enjoy. This is why we bring to you the joy of aroma and original tea leafs.

Benefits of our Assam Tea:

  • 2 Consecutive Years of Award Winning Quality
  • Produced following organic practices
  • Fresh and big leafs to offer natural aroma and taste
  • Budget friendly with high quality
  • High quality sealed packet to maintain the aroma
  • No extra color added

Did you know?

Do you know that tea as a beverage comes to us across the ages in the form of a Chinese scroll brushed in 350 A.D. by a scholar named Lu Yu?.

  • In 2737 B.C. the Chinese emperor Shen-Nung found young leaves which offers aroma.
  • On this planet, Tea is the most consumed beverage next to water.
  • Asia, India, Malaysia, the British Isles & Africa start their morning with Tea.
  • Do you know that only the young leaves of Camelia sinensis are harvested?.
  • The average age of this Assam tree is 40 years.
  • Because of the need to be so selective, “tea is still harvested by hand. Only a trained eye can do this work”.

Why Assam Tea?

Assam Tea Garden

Did you know that manufacturing of one of the finest processed tea had been a traditional and home based skills of the tribe of Patkai hills in Upper Assam for ages. 

The Colonial British Government in India unearthed this a century ago and converted this know-how into an industry. 

Today India is the largest producer of tea in the world and the state of Assam is the largest contributor to the Indian Tea Industry. 

However, contrary to the popular belief , in this part of India, green leaf of Tea from which "Processed Tea" is produced is not only grown in large estates or gardens of multinationals and rich individuals, but also in household level small holdings with sizes less than a hectare area too. 

These small tea growers significantly depends on the prices of tea leaves. Just or unjust, fair or exploitative, these prices are fixed by factories owned by big shots which does not justify the hard work of the farmers. 

We are working with these small tea growers to help and empower their lives. 

What we sip daily sitting at our homes or offices; this can create a huge impact on the farmers lives in Upper Assam.

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