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14 types of food which are good for your mental & physical health and Longevity

It is no surprise that Mother Nature offers us an abundance of natural foods that have immense health benefits. We are always so busy with our work that we often neglect one of the most important aspects of our daily lives and that is to adopt a healthier diet plan, which is essential to increase the longevity of our lives. That’s why we bring you the list of 14 types of super-foods, which are easily available to us as gifts from Mother Nature.

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7 types of tea and their amazing health benefits. No. 5 will surprise you!

Many of us know that relaxing with a cup of tea carries you away into the serenity of a bygone age. But there is more than beauty to taking tea; it can also be an act of healing. Whether it’s “tea for two” by the fireplace or a high tea for twenty, there’s an undeniable mystique surrounding the simple act of taking tea. The very act of brewing and serving tea to one’s special someone or a group you want to impress turns the interlude into a social occasion.

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