5 Easy Ways to Care for Strong & Healthy Hair

5 Easy Ways to Care for Strong & Healthy Hair

Haircare can often be challenging especially when you’re juggling time between work and home, but keeping your hair healthy and stylish is crucial to feel good about yourself. Creating a hair routine takes a lot of experiments but once you know what best works for you, hair becomes easy to maintain by applying beneficial products 2-3 times a week. 

For developing a hair routine you must have a few things handy. Firstly know your hair type, figure out if it’s oily, dry, normal, wavy, straight, curly, thick or fine. Secondly, find out how many washes per week work for you; it is  dependent on your hair type. Avoid washing hair with extreme hot water but lukewarm or cold water is fine. Use a comb when your hair is wet. Lastly, let your hair air dry and oil it once or twice a week as per your requirement.

Our hair stays in its best form when we use natural products throughout seasonal changes.There are alot of different hair products you can buy to improve your hair quality or control the damage caused to it. After years of searching through the lush forests of India, we have curated many products that ensure strength and health for your hair. 

Natural Hair Oil

Our organic hair oil is made using 100% natural processes. No toxic chemicals or artificial colours have been added in the oil. It is specially handcrafted to stimulate hair growth, control hair fall, stop premature greying, and treat dandruff. It is a mixture of five cold-pressed oils (coconut, mustard, til, olive & almond oil) with onion & eight natural herbs including lemongrass & tea tree essential oils.

Nikki’s Organic Keratin & Protein (Shampoo & Conditioner) 

These products are a blend of organic and herbal substances. It is non-toxic and sulfate-free. The shampoo contains aloe vera, glycerin, DL panthenol, silk protein & ceramide. The conditioner is packed with shea butter, jojoba oil along with Vitamin E as an addition. The shampoo and conditioner nourishes hair, prevents hair loss & breakage while stimulating hair growth. 

Hair Pack 

This nutritious pack is a mixture of nine organic herbs like bringha, brahmi, triphala, amla, reetha, hibiscus leaves & flower powder, curry leaves powder and methi. This hair pack is a natural herbal product created to stimulate hair growth, control hair fall, stop premature greying and treat dandruff. Use it 4-5 times a month and see the change for yourself. 

Herbal Hair Serum

This hair serum is a unique combination of highly beneficial herbs. It brings the Ayurmeans promise of non-toxic sulphate-free gel made up of aloe vera & cucumber with special cold pressed oils like argan, olive, and vitamin e enriched with biotin. This enables soft and silky hair, detangles hair after shampoo, and treats split ends. Apply it on semi-dry hair. 

Herbal Hair Conditioner | For Dull, Dry or Curly Hair

It is handmade with natural ingredients like aloe vera, glycerine, pro-vitamin B5 and B2, silk protein, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and enriched with nettle extracts. With no chemicals present this conditioner nourishes and strengthens hair, removes dead cells & prevents breakage. Apply post shampoo on wet hair, along the hair length & rinse off with lukewarm water.

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