Protect Your Skin from the Sun in 3 Steps

Protect Your Skin from the Sun in 3 Steps

Most of us think about sun protection only when we step out to spend a prolonged day in the sun at a lake or beach. But little do we know that sun exposure adds up day after day, and it happens every time we have sunlight touching us - even indoors. 

Getting too much sun and taking too little care about it can be harmful. Simply staying in the shade or staying indoors is not enough to protect your skin. Here are some simple steps to limit UV rays exposure and prevent getting burnt or tanned in the sun:

De-Tan Face Pack

There are times when we tend to be careless and stay out in the sun for long. The first step to help remove tanning from the face is using a De-tan face pack. When we get suntanned, the marks tend to stay and the face appears so dull. A De-tan face mask eliminates tanning and evens out the skin tone.

It makes the face look more pleasant, more youthful, and better. This Ayurmeans herbal face pack is a natural de-tan pack that gently exfoliates tanned and dead skin cells that rejuvenate the skin. 

With too much UV rays exposure, we tend to get fine lines and signs of aging. This face pack acts as a protective healing layer for it all. Make a paste by mixing it with a little water and put this face pack at least once a week. You will begin to see results after just a few uses.

Sun Defense Body Lotion

We often remember to take proper care of our face but tend to forget about our body. When this happens and we expose ourselves to the sun, our hands and legs become tanned. It leaves the body super dry, damaged, and unevenly toned. 

Ayurmeans special sun defense body lotion is that one product you need to protect yourself from the sun. This natural sunscreen body lotion nourishes your skin while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Its double-action formulation guards the skin on a super sunny day. Remember after your morning bath, just slather it all over your body about 20 minutes before you step outside.


If you are going to be in the sun, a good sunscreen is 100% essential. One has to use sunscreen on their face, no matter if they have makeup on. It is absolutely crucial to wear an SPF of at least 30 to protect your face and neck from harmful rays.

Ayurmeans SPF 30 sunscreen is a 100% natural product that acts as a sunscreen and moisturizer. It prevents dark spots and suntan while keeping your skin well protected. The key is to slather the sunscreen around 20 minutes before stepping out and remember to reapply every 2 hours. 


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